Bad Moms 2016

bad-momsThere’s a small but significant list of great and underused comic performers who contribute bigly to Bad Moms; any film featuring Clark Duke, Wanda Sykes and Kathryn Hahn has to be a must-see. And Bad Moms does deliver the laughs needed for a hit comedy; from the duo behind the Hangover films, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, this comedy manages to slip quietly away from accusations of misogyny and reclaim some comic ground for the ladies. Mila Kunis’ s Amy falls foul of local schoolteacher Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate) and decided to battle back at the local PTA with some help from her friends. Some good music choices (including DNCE’s Cake by The Ocean and Icona Pop’s I Love It) add some montage power to the parent’s rebellion, and Hahn in particular gives an outrageous break-out performance.


Sex Drive 2008


While the title probably isn’t one that you’d be keen to have on your search history, Sex Drive is an amusing teen comedy that’s considerably smarter than it needs to be. An early effort from writer/director Sean Anders, before We’re The Millers and Hot Tub Time Machine, Sex Drive dials back the raunch and manages to hit a cheerful, upbeat tone on an 80’s teen movie. Ian (Josh Zuckerman) and Lance (Clark Duke) set out on a road trip, with the goal of sexy, available girl called Ms Tasty to meet at the end, in the style of The Sure Thing. The age of the internet means that the boys are less than sure about what awaits, and their anxieties proved to be real; an encounter with Ezekiel (Seth Green) and his Amish community is just one of the obstacles they face. Felicia (Amanda Bowden) comes along for the ride in a stolen GTO, James Marsden is a big brother, and Anders manages to get plenty of fun from the interplay between Zuckerman and the perennially amusing Duke, while Green’s brilliant contribution is worth a spin-off film in itself. Sex comedies are rarely funny; Sex Drive is.