The Nice Guys 2016

the-nice-guys-review-768x539-c-default2016’s most undeserving flop, Shane Black’s raucous detective movie is a comedic delight, with proper star performances from Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as they travel through a seedy LA to track down those responsible for the death of a porn star. Gosling’s grasp on physical comedy shines as he manfully battles with a toilet door, struggles to tell dreams from reality, and in a sight gag for the ages, takes shelter behind a revolving car during a motor-show. The bad-guys are bad-ass, the good guys swop witty bon-mots, and the action is as smart as the word-play. Black’s cool, funky, morally fuzzy thriller found few takers at the box office, but deserves more appreciation and a sequel; there’s plenty of mileage in the Crowe/Gosling team.


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