Edge of Tomorrow 2014

edgeAlso known by its tagline (Live, Die, Repeat), Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow considerably transcends the reductive formula of Groundhog Day with Aliens to provide a mind-bending proposition for most of its running time. Tom Cruise flexes his muscles as Major William Cage, a PR man who finds himself sent to the front line in a battle against aliens raging across Europe. Killed in action, Cage awakens to fin himself playing through the day over and over again, making tiny changes each time that further his adventure. Cage teams up with Rita (Emily Blunt) to discover what his gift is and how it can be used against the invasion force. The writers seem unable to resolve an amazing idea in a satisfactory way, and the conventional ending doesn’t make much sense, but the brisk opportunities offered by a complex plotline provide plenty of entertainment, with Cruise and Blunt squaring up nicely as increasingly battle-weary veterans.



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  1. I really like movies such as these. Ever since seeing Groundhog Day, there have been a couple of movies and tv series that revolve around this theme. I think a new Netflix movie called Arq also deals with the story of a timeloop. If I have some time, I might check that one out today 😀

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