T2-Trainspotting 2

It’s never fair to judge a film by it’s trailer; Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting 2 will have to wait till January for a full appraisal. But in a year when many two decade old properties have been exhumed to resurrect the careers of those involved and create one more pay-day for all concerned (from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 to Independence Day Resurgence), it’s a little dispiriting to see a trailer that revisits all the greatest hits of the first film with seemingly no new angle. The original Trainspotting had an energy that brought a microcosmic focus to the life of Scottish drug culture and created a cult hit. This sequel features Boyle’s traditional visual flourishes, but without a firm text to base a story on (this clearly isn’t related to any of Irvine’s Welsh’s sequels or prequels), it just looks like a refried version of the original. If the original plotted new ground in detailing how a group of friends dealt with the come-down of drug-abuse, Trainspotting 2 seems to be dealing with the less-than burning question of what happens if the same characters meet 20 years on. Scotland still has serious drug problems, but there’s no indication of any opportunities for Scots to tell their own stories or be more than a backdrop for overseas productions. Instead, we have millionaire tourist film-makers returning to their benighted, voiceless homeland, doubtless keen to re-establish their ‘street’ credentials and make some cash – by failing to observe that anything has changed in twenty years, beyond the arrival of the internet and Edinburgh having trams, the T2 trailer jumps the shark at some speed.


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