George Lucas in Love 1999


Something of a period piece now, made before George Lucas tarnished his own legacy with the second Star Wars trilogy, Joe Nussbaum’s eight minute short is a delightful take on the creation of the popular film franchise. Played by Martin Hynes, George Lucas is presented much like William Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love; dotting around film school campus, he’s on the verge of creating his masterpiece, and the short takes glee in presenting the raw materials we now recognise as pop culture icons, from his backwards talking tutor (Yoda), the local mechanic and his hairy, guttural pal (Han Solo and Chewbacca) and the oddly-coiffured girlfriend who inspires him to create and agricultural sci-fi fantasy. Made at a time when Lucas was seen as a legend rather than a villain, George Lucas in Love is a refreshing valentine to one of cinema’s most loved and hated creative forces.


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