Palookaville 1995


The first feature from Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World, Terminator; Genesis) is a striking, low budget comedy/thriller , with William Forsythe, Adam Trese and Vincent Gallo as three losers who, inspired by a late-night rerun of the film noir Armoured Car Robbery, decide to stage their own amateur version of the crime. Being New Jersey incompetents, their plan goes awry, but the manner in which their family and romantic interests complicate their professionalism is caught with more subtlety than might be expected. With a title from Brando’s speech in On the Waterfront, and a storyline that references Italo Calvino short stories, Palookaville fully deserves its status as an unseen cult film; full of warmth and wit, it’s a minor classic. Frances McDormand also appears.

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