Village of The Damned 1960


The quintessential creepy movie, Wolf Rilla’s stark black and white chiller uses John Wyndhams’s The Midwich Cuckoos as a jumping off point for a sci-fi story that’s blear and disturbing, even today. Professor Gordon Zellaby (George Sanders) is perplexed by a mysterious incident in which the women in a peaceful English village falls asleep, and wake up pregnant with blond haired, blue eyed children that seem to have a telepathic link. While the idea of aliens generically inserting their minds into children is an ambitious one, Village of the Damned keeps the drama to a tight scale, and the 77 minutes are focused on the efforts of the free-thinking villagers to shield their thoughts from their alien visitors. Right down to the shocking ending, Village of the Damned is all the more frightening due to the matter-of-fact presentation.


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