Streets of Fire 1984


Walter Hill’s ‘rock and roll musical’ isn’t celebrated in the way The Driver or Southern Comfort are, but it’s a far better film than its reputation suggests. Tom Cody (Michael Pare) sports a cool raincoat as he wanders the reflective streets of LA in a search of his performer girlfriend Ellen Aim (Diane Lane), with sidekicks Rick Moranis and Amy Madigan in tow. Motorcycle gang supremo Raven Shaddock (Willem Dafoe) is responsible, and Hill gives his film the same kind of neon-underground sheen that featured in The Terminator. Streets of Fire missed the boat in terms of public taste, but Jon Steinman contributes two mighty soundtracks songs in Tonight Is How It Feels To Be Young and Nowhere Fast, beautifully delivered by Lane; it may not have clicked as a film, but Streets of Fire would be an ideal revival as an on-stage musical.

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