Mystery Science Theatre 1988-99

mst3k duel

One of the joys of You Tube is that it popularises items that might only have had a cult following; that so many episodes of comedy Mystery Science Theatre are on tape globally can only help cement the wonderfully goofy and sardonic wit of robots Crow T Robot and Tom Servo in the annals of popular culture. In each episode, the robots, together with Joel Robinson  (Joel Hodgson) or Mike Nelson, the scenario is that the trio are forced to watch bad films, appearing in silhouette as the dreck unfolds and commenting on the inanity they see. With hundreds of items to chose from, many of which are hard to see otherwise, this lampooning has offended some, but makes some obscure and interesting films watchable on several levels; from a wealth of choices, we’d suggest Raul Julia in Overdrawn at The Memory Bank or the template for Michael Bay’s The Island, Parts: The Clonus Horror as three good starting points for investigation. Once viewers have the hang of it, Outlaw of Gor and Time of the Apes show the team at their irreverent best.



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  1. I first came to MST3K when I was 15 and it was playing on the sci-fi channel around 11am here in the UK. I absolutely adored it but sadly it never quite caught on over here. I saw several episodes and then it dropped off the radar and I didn’t really think about it until about 2 years ago when I was talking to a buddy of mine about the original Battlestar Galactica and I remembered “Space Mutiny” which was a movie played during an episode of MST3K that reused footage from BSG. I went on YouTube and found almost every episode the show and this was me rediscovery. I have not looked back since. I do have to say that I preferred the Mike years to Joel although I do enjoy both. It’s just personal preference. That theme song sticks in my head all the time.

    – Tony Wilkins

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