Until The End of the World 1991


Wim Wenders takes a look into his crystal ball and has a guess at what life in 1999 might be like; the results are impressive, with both the internet and satnav fully realised, even if the screens used look like portable TV’s. His 1991 opus is sci-fi of a thoughtful kind; party girl Claire (Solveig Dommartin) gets mixed up with bank robbers after a car accident, but half the loot is stolen by the opportunistic Sam (William Hurt). He’s suffering from problems with his eyes, and soon a larger prize comes into focus; a camera which can record and share dreams. With a great soundtrack ranging from U2 to Lou Reed, and a curiously low-fi production design that uses real, futuristic-looking architecture rather than effects, Wenders film is somewhat broken-backed in structure; the first half is a breathless chase across several continents and time-zones, the second a reflective meditation of the nature of dreams. Both are fascinating; if anyone asks what life was like in 1999, it would be fun for them to imagine that it was just like this.



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