Megaforce 1982


A perfect storm of chaos, Hal Needham’s action extravaganza sits proudly at the top of the ‘so-bad-its good’ file, a work of directorial hubris with inanity and comedy at every turn. The late Persis Khambatta plays Major Zara, who falls for spandex-clad uber-warrior Ace Hunter (Barry Bostwick) who commands an elite defence unit known as Megaforce. They head off on a secret mission to stop Duke Guerera (Henry Silva), who has lined his tanks up for battle in some un-named province. Needham throws together some explosions and stunts, but the actors are hilariously adrift; Bostwick’s gung-ho enthusiasm make Errol Flynn look shy and retiring, and while it’s impossible to make sense of the plot, the bombast, rah-rah patriotism and horrific blue-screen work have made this a deserved cult classic.


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