I Know Where I’m Going 1945


Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger knew how to tell a story; they make a cinematic mountain out of a whimsical molehill of a tale in I Know Where I’m Going, a charming tale of a woman whose driven zest for life becomes waylaid on a trip to Bonnie Scotland.  Wendy Hiller is Joan Webster, a headstrong young lady who travels north to wed her fiancé, but finds the inclement weather conditions conspiring to distract her from her romantic purpose.  While on The Isle of Mull, she falls under the spell of local laird Torquil (Roger Livesey). Torquil has his own worries, namely a curse that stops him setting foot in his family’s rightful island castle, but true love prevails.  Paramount Pictures described this 1945 film as perfect, and it’s hard to argue;  great performances, a lyrical atmosphere, and a transcendent love story that comes up freshly even today.



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