Hanover Street 1979


Harrison Ford was an unlikely star; watching his interviews at the time of Star Wars, he doesn’t look entirely convinced that this acting lark is for him. Working with writer/director Peter Hyams, Ford is beginning to develop his charisma in WWII drama Hanover Street, and unashamedly slushy romantic melodrama in which Ford was a late replacement for Kris Kristofferson. Ford plays David, and American pilot who falls in love with Margaret (Lesley-Anne Down), with he husband Paul (Christopher Plummer) not up to the job. David gets sent on a dangerous mission, and Hanover Street jumps abruptly from domestic passion to an impressive motorcycle action climax that fits somewhat uneasily. But Hanover Street is a splendidly old-fashioned film, a guilty pleasure for nostalgia fans and soppy romancers alike.



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