The Year of Living Dangerously 1982


After his sensational breakthrough in Mad Max, Hollywood struggled to find the right niche for Mel Gibson pre-Lethal Weapon. From Mrs Soffel to The Bounty, the fit wasn’t quite right, and Peter Weir’s The Year of Living Dangerously is probably his best performance from that period. Adapted from CJ Koch’s novel Gibson plays journalist  Guy Hamilton, who hooks up with diplomat (Sigourney Weaver) as president Sukarno takes a grip of Indonesian politics. Gibson and Weaver generate plenty of heat, while Linda Hunt steals the show as Guy’s cameraman pal Billy. Like most of Weir’s heroes, Guy is testing the limits of the world around him; like Truman in The Truman Show or Jack Aubrey in Master and Commander, he finds that his adventure is limited by the political world around him.


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