Edmond 2005


William H Macy gives the performance of a lifetime of great performances, taking the lead role in David Mamet’s adaptation of his own play. Stuart Gordon made his name as a horror director, but he plays it admirably straight as Edmond (Macy)’s search for love in NYC leads him to look in al the wrong places, leading him to violence and jail. Gordon’s focus as admirably tight, focusing of Edmond’s loneliness and how it drives him to a fortune-teller, a prostitute (Julia Stiles) and a spell behind bars. Support from Mena Suvari, Jeffrey Combs, George Wendt, Denise Richards and Joe Mantegna illuminate Edmond’s fall from grace; as an everyman who becomes both a monster and a victim, Macy gives a master-class in acting in Gordon’s best film. Currently on LoveFilm.



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