Eden 2013


Sex-traffiking is a subject that’s perilously hard to put on-screen; writer/director Megan Griffith does an admirable job in handling difficult subject matters in 2013’s Eden, a thriller about Eden (Jamie Chung), a young girl who is lured into a date, chloroformed, and finds herself in a remote farm where girls are hired out to local clients. Cooped up like chickens in a hen-house, their plight is a shocking one, but Eden is determined to escape, and she quickly realises that her relationship with captor Vaughan (Matt O’Leary) offers a chink of light, particularly once she realises the disconnect between Vaughan and his boss (Beau Bridges). Eden is a powerful violent film, but never takes cheap shots at Eden’s sexuality, managing to convey the desperate quality of her situation without revelling in the detail. While there are plenty of films that express male views, the pitifully small number of female directors around demonstrate how pervasive that mind-set is; Griffith deserves applause for reversing that process, and showing a woman turning the tables on her captors to rousing effect.


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