Heartburn 1986


The late Nora Ephron wrote a great, semi-autobiographical book about her relationship with Carl Bernstein, a key journalist behind the Watergate investigation featured in All The President’s Men.  Peppered with recipes, the book is a light, easy account of marital strife, and Ephron shows her cinematic chops by adapting it for Nike Nichols’ 1986 film. Meryl Streep is a surrogate for Ephron as Rachel Samstat, with Jack Nicholson as Mark Forman. The life of political journalists, with draining red-eye fights and early starts, is well caught, and Carly Simon contributes a notable theme in Coming Around Again. Heartburn was greeted with some annoyance that it didn’t use its combined talent to say something more profound, but viewed several decades later, it’s clear that real life is the best subject of all.


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