After the Fox 1966


Despite his undoubted talent, Peter Sellers’ filmography can be a tough watch; The Great McGonagall, Soft Beds, Hard Battles; even some of the Pink Panther films don’t stand up well. Vittorio De Sica’s 1966 comedy, written by Neil Simon, is a glorious exception. Sellers plays Aldo Vanucci, aka master criminal The Fox, who disguises himself as a film director in an elaborate scam to unload gold bullion from a small fishing village. This sets up nicely as an excuse for Sellars and De Sica to send up European film-making in grand style, with Vanucci’s pretentiousness something to behold. Victor Mature alos does a terrific job of sending himself up as lunk-headed star Tony Powell, and the courtroom climax, in which Vanucci’s film is shown to an audience for the first time, is as funny as anything Sellers ever did.


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