The Humanoid 1979


Some films are ‘so bad they’re good’; The Humanoid is so bad, it’s very nearly brilliant. A Star Wars rip off seemingly rushed into production, Aldo Lado’s Italian opus as a strong of interplanetary intrigue and diplomacy riddled with funny performances. Richard Kiel, Jaws from the James Bond films, stretches his abilities as a leading man in his portrayal of Golob, a mercenary who travels through space with his side-kick Robodog. He ends up on a mission to rescue Barbara Gibson (Corrine Clery) from the clutches of Lord Graal (Ivan Rassimov), whose pals Dr Kraspin (Arthur Kennedy) and Lady Agatha (Barbara Bach) have designs on her. In a plethora of badly costumed buffoonery, the mystical nonsense spouted by golden child Tom Tom (Marco Yeh) marks a highpoint, but the dialogue is consistently brilliant; ‘What in Helios does that space jockey think he’s doing?” exclaims Golob and another bit of cardboard falls off his spaceship. A hoot from beginning to end for bad-movie lovers.


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