Q; The Winged Serpent 1982 ***


Unstoppable writer/director Larry Cohen reacted well after being fired from I The Jury, knocking up a fresh horror project in six days and enlisting David Carradine and Michael Moriarty as leads. Shepard (Carradine) teams up with Richard “Shaft’ Roundtree to investigate missing people who are being snatched off the street in NYC, with Moriarty’s loner a possible link to the killings. But who is responsible? Cue the winged serpent, a stop-motion creation of Harryhausen charm, who dives around Manhattan searching for unwary construction workers and sunbathing women to snack on, dropping body-parts on unsuspecting citizens. Q: The Winged Serpent fully deserves its cult reputation; it’s well scripted and acted, and delivers fully on its ridiculous premise on an obviously low budget.



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