Sudden Death 1995


Arguably the best of the slew of Die Hard copycat movies that followed the original John McTiernan film, Sudden Death sees action director Peter Hyams revitalise the trapped-hero conventions with muscular direction and some tounge-in-cheek humour. Jean Claude Van Damme is fire-fighter Darren McCord, who uses his time off to take his kids to an ice-hockey game. But with terrorists planning to detonate the stadium at the end of the match, McCord swings into action, getting on the ice to save a penalty and force extra-time, beating up a giant penguin mascot, and defeating the nefarious plans of Joshua Foss (Powers Boothe). Originally intended as an Airplane! –style parody, Sudden Death plays it enjoyably straight and transcends the over-subscribed genre with ease.!content/4758/Sudden-Death


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