Fearless 1992


Director Peter Weir has a raft of significant work on his CV, from Witness to Dead Poet’s Society and The Truman Show, but he made his name with the haunting disappearing schoolgirl drama Picnic At Hanging Rock, and he brings the same austere quality to this drama, scripted by Raphael Yglesias from his own book. Jeff Bridges is Max Klein, the sole survivor of a graphically realized air-crash, who finds himself wandering the earth wondering why he made it out of the wreckage. His relationship with Carla (Rosie Perez) offers an unusual redemption, and the scene in which he demonstrates how she could never have saved her own child is gut-wrenching. Throwaway images, like Bridges standing on the edge of a building’s roof, or blithely walking onto the off-ramp from a busy motorway, play with Max’s sense of his own immortality, and his sudden passion for strawberries pays off in a thought-provoking and unfairly overlooked drama, with bridges at his best.


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