Another Earth 2011


Sub-genres don’t come much smaller than ‘films which deal with an identical mirror image earth hidden on the other side of the sun’. Aside from 1969’s Doppleganger/Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, there’s really just Another Earth, the first of Brit Marling’s collaborations with Zal Batmanglij. It’s as much of a contemplation of what another earth might mean as much as an exploration of the newly discovered planet; for Rhoda (Marling), ridden with guilt about a DUI car accident she caused the split second she became aware of the alternate world’s existence, it’s the potential to confront her own guilt. She finds her way into the affections of John (William Malpother), whose family were killed in the crash, while applying to be one of the first to visit the new planet. Another Earth is an adult drama with science-fiction trimmings, in the Upstream Color mould, and deserves praise for its mature consideration of grief and potential solace.


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